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About Me

Welcome to The Fantasy Escape – Sri Lanka Travel Blog!!

I am Charith Gunarathna, an enthusiastic Sri Lankan lifestyle explorer who is so passionate about traveling, writing, storytelling. In a life fulfilled with adventures and a country adorned with inspiring travel marvels, my obsession is to travel around and dig into the fantasies of everything. I wish to share this experience with you all, who are fond of indulging in the finest feeling of life and travel.

What is Fantasy Escape and where did this name come from?. Everything started from where I was used to believing in beautiful dreams which I create. Most of the times I am used to breathe, walk and live in a mind-blowing fantasy. The world I used to imagine is totally surrounded by the most beautiful things in the universe. I was looking for a way to escape with all the beautiful people in the world, to witness, discover and feel the stunning elegance of this wonderful planet.

Fantasy may be a mysterious illusion create inside a soul. Sometimes it is a madness, which distracts the entire moment. And it may be an unforgettable addiction you will really love forever. It’s time to get lost for a while, in a charming fantasy.