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Sera ella – Bride inside Knuckles

Sera Ella Knuckles Mountain Range

It is very rare to experience the arrival of the most beautiful aspects of the world directly to ourselves. In any case, a wonderful thing arrives us, our mind is not ready to accept it as a wonder.  But what will you feel about the presence of a glamorous beauty in front of you, after a terrible and difficult journey? We are used to finding all the dedicated difficulties worthwhile when we face the wonders.

Today, we are going to travel the heart of the most glamorous reservoir in Sri Lanka, Knuckles. Knuckles mountain range got this name because it is situated as similar to a giant is curling his fingers into the palm (fisting). The same phrase can be named Knuckles in English and this beautiful natural masterpiece was named like that.

Where it is located?

After passing the cities Kandy, Mathale, Riverstone and Pitawala Pathana, Illukkubura village can be found. From  Illukkumbura you have to take a left to Pottatawela village to reach this everlasting scenario. It is needed to climb down around 500 meters in the forest, to get on to this beautiful waterfall.


This waterfall was named as “Sera ella”.  When you take a handful of “sera” seeds on the top of your hand and let them fall from your small finger side, the scenario creates the same visual where you see how waterfalls from sera ella.

Waterfalls are not surprises to Knuckle kingdom, which hold immense bio diversity. But sera ella is somewhat significant because of one reason.

Sera ella creates from the Thelgamu oya which flows through the heart of the knuckles. You have got a  wonderful opportunity of walking towards the inside of the waterfall. This natural setup can be found only in a few waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Sera ella plays a major part in this collection because you can walk to almost the middle of the waterfall which spreads in a broad area horizontally.

Fantastic Atmosphere

If you are a travel addict, this could be a marvelous milestone in your life. Feeling the dreadful voice of mass water pack falls from the top; the tremble cool of the spreading water, touching the water drops of the falling waterfall; could be an everlasting memory of your travel diaries.

Flat rock can be found around 10 meters beyond from the waterfall. After feeling hyper inside the waterfall, you can feel the rest of its beauty by staying on this rock. It is just like an observation zone which is naturally created by nature, to feel the beauty of this waterfall. When you observe the marvel of the waterfall from this rock, it cannot be stopped of memorizing the epic Nayagara falls in USA.

You can truly feel the beauty of this waterfall during the rainy season. In the dry season, the entire backspace of the waterfall is not covered with the water. And Don’t  forget to have a bath from the Thelgamu Oya which flows straight with the sera ella.

How to reach there

You can come with a vehicle in all the way without any disturbance. But in our journey we choose the walking method. The walk is so tired because you have to pass around 8 kilometers. Road is so clear but critical bends in the drive and hot weather makes us much more tired. But the journey we had through the beautiful Knuckles forest, added unforgettable experiences to our life journey.

The impressiveness of the grand Knuckles, life styles of the people who hide along the forest, properly maintaining paddy fields, and the phenomenal beauty of Sera ella, wiped away the exhausted feeling we had face throughout the journey.

In the end of most dreadful, difficult, painful and tough journey, sensational outcomes are prevailed  and those elegant pieces are waiting for us to be reached.  Sera Ella taught that remarkable lesson to us. Interjecting  that life lesson into our hearts, we departed from this delicate arena by holding bunch of memories.

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