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Big brother may glamour with pride, but little brother still makes the best memory ; Pidurangala Hike Sri Lanka

young boy sitting on the surface of Pudurangal

If one asks for a signature destination which influences someone to be here in Sri Lanka, what would be the destination that you will recommend? Among the number of excursions around this beautiful nation, the epic miracle of the ancient emperor Kashyapa, will flash up on your mind without any hesitation.
Since the Sigiriya is too common for locals, and it played a vital role in our school  and family trips we did not bother on including this amazing place into our travel plans.

But all of a sudden, range of impressive and breathtaking snaps of the giant, was starting to get viral on Instagram and few blogs. The only thing we noticed on those images was a magnificent viewpoint that exists somewhere nearby. It caters an exceptional view of the rock fortress. Without delaying the plans, a date was fixed straight away and the journey was started to the most awaiting Pidurangala with style.

Journey Starts

The journey was started around 5 a.m in the morning and there were a couple of halting points on Colombo – Kandy road for breakfast, king coconut and some other “stuff” too. Time inside the vehicles just passed away with chit chats, gossips, politics, and cultural facts and so on.

The initial plan was to head straight to the Pidurangala and indulge in the breathtaking view for a few hours. But the drive was way too perfect and we were able to reach Sigirya around 10 a.m in the morning.

Proving the phrase, sudden travel plans are the best, vehicles were routed towards the most prominent and spectacular retreat of Sigirya. Aliya Resorts and Spa. ……after receiving a blessing welcome from Aliya resort, we had a quick tour around this amazing resort. The View of Sigiriya and Pidurangla made a perfect backdrop for the hotel and tempted our senses to be there so soon. After taking some snacks and a tea we started the drive back to Pidurangala.

Getting on to the Rock

After passing Kibissa junction on Sigiriya road, taking a left turn will make you reach Pidurangala. Signboards were fixed in everywhere and it was not that difficult to sort out the right ways. Travelling was not that difficult because all the roads are in good condition. And the view upon our eyes is freaking awesome with the archery set up of giant trees.

If you are a nature lover or someone who is much interested in wildlife and biodiversity, I recommend walking through this entire area with a high resolution camera on your hand. The ride will be around 4km but the tiredness will not be a cost since you can capture some unique snaps of wild habitats. But It was said that wild elephants gather around the area and it is not safe to walk after 6 pm. That is a must to keep in your minds.

After parking the vehicles, the hike began from the Pidurangla Rajamaha Viharaya. Foreigners have to buy a ticket worth of Rs.500 (approximately 3$). There will be no entering fee for local visitors.

During the hike, the first set of steps are not that tough. But it is better to head straight as much as you can, without taking breaks. I recommend using shoes rather than slippers because the latter part seems quite challenging to climb.

Historical Value

Halfway through you will find a Buddha statue which is built from bricks. Making a point on the historical value of this destination, it was said that the cave temple had donated Buddhist monks on the King Kashyapa’s (Emperor who built Sigiriya) era. Folklore said that ladies with flowers in Sigirya frescoes, symbolize the eye-catching moments of ladies who visited Pidurangala from Royal Palace.

From this place onwards the walk was a bit crucial. We had to help each other to make it on to the summit. After some challenging moves, we set the first foot to the summit of the rock. So, this is a moment someone will never forget in his entire lifetime. The price for the hard journey is the magical view of the epic giant which is in front of our eyes now. wooows, snaps, selfies, signature poses suddenly came up with everyone in a hurry.


Apparently, this is the best viewing spot of Sigiriya which stays bit lower from the height.  Even you can see the staircase of Sigiriya and people climbing it. Space could be a big deal here on a crowded day. Just wait for a few minutes and feel the moment at your best and on your own.

What else to see in here

After spending all the time we want to witness the giant, we had a walk around the other side of the rock. Here, the experience was entirely different. I read a few articles about Pidurangala but none of them did not tell how awesome this part of the rock was. Most specifically, you can walk around 100 meters on the surface of the summit of the rock without sensing any risk of falling down. The area is so wide and you can walk.,sit, sleep even play a one-bounce Cricket match. The undisturbed views of jungles, paddy fields, villages will lift you up to unbelievable magic of wonder. The heavenly wind that blows through the summit will embrace your soul bestowing the ultimate relaxation of life.

As a regular trekker, I should say that this is one of the best sceneries I have ever seen from a summit. What I always felt was, to indulge in such a brilliant panoramic view, a trekker should dedicate a minimum 4-5 hour hike with extreme strength, endurance, and many more challenges.  This one hour hike of Pidurangala, offer an everlasting view which someone will addict. That is why I love Pidurangala.

Best time to hike

The best time of the day to be here is evenings or early mornings. Thick sunrise on the middle of the day will not offer you the best spirit of the tour. It is a compulsory fact you should concern when planning your trip to Pidurangala.

While we were at the summit, a sudden rain poured into the entire area. We never bothered finding shelters and enjoyed the rain and wind at its best. After the rain, the rock became slippery and we were so keen on our steps.

After a relaxing hour or two, the most colorful moment arrived. Sunset colored the sky with lavish red and glamorous orange creating a nice view to the eye. ……<silky wave>

The scenery was not perfect since the clouds started to veil the skyline. The sight was awesome with the epic giant Sigiriya and color mix of the blue yonder.

Coming Back

Journey back to the temple was a bit resilient too. But we were able to manage it with even under the twilight darkness. It took around half an hour for the trek and we were back to the vehicles soon enough.

Finally, the team delighted with everything we had right there. Things we read and watched everything about Pidurangala made a fantasy in our souls. The feeling itself convinced the souls to be there and discover whatever the magic this destination bears. Despite the facts of culture and history, Pidurangala will offer you a wonderful moment of isolation, peace and an amazing natural feel to mesmerize in a pensive mood lying on a couch.

Plan for the next day is Sigiriya; the big brother. But I would like to say,
Big brother may glamour with pride, but little brother still makes the best memory.

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