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The Spirit Explorer

Picturesque midpoint of everlasting waterfall fantasy : Clovefield Villa Laxapana


This story is simply about two enchanting waterfalls found in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. But at the end of the story, you will try to figure out which one is more awesome out of these. Waterfalls, bungalow, or us?

Everyone showed in sharply at 5.00 am because we planned to have breakfast at that time. It was the usual restaurant we had our meals throughout the time since we start traveling. After a heavy meal with rice and bread and chicken and all we caught up the train which left sharply at 5.55 am from Colombo fort. The train was pretty much crowded since it was a Friday and, most notably, Valentine’s Day.

We were able to grab some seats from Kandy from the apartment, which was conquered by tourists after that. We were the only set of Sri Lankans among many enthusiastic Europeans. Our guys had a great time with them sharing some best moments and memories. I was able on my most preferred place; ‘footboard’ up to Ulapane until scenery greed Romanian couple gabbed it from me. So I missed the chance of enjoying the extraordinary charm of the world’s most beautiful rail ride.

City exploration

After a tiresome journey, we reached Hatton railway station around noon. Soon after getting down, we had our lunch from Hatton Restaurant. Prices are pretty expensive there, but they were able to cater to all our requirements (Friedrice, Rice and curry, Kottu) without disappointing us.

The most crucial, important, and exciting part of the journey began after that. We had only 55 minutes to do the shopping because of the last bus to the destination scheduled at 2.00 pm. Unlike other cities, we couldn’t find a one-stop shopping mall to buy all our needs. Therefore, the team decided to go in clusters and find the stuff. Vegetables are fresh, but prices were not that different compared with Colombo. After a successful bargaining exploration, we were able to cover up the shopping adventure and caught up on the bus in the last minute.

Being thankful to our guys, everybody got a seat on the bus and had the chance to witness evergreen tea estates. A slight drizzle had enhanced the greenery essence, and scenarios healed the eyes with charm and beauty.  The bus was full of young schoolboys who were returning to their houses for an exciting weekend. My Mind caught up with the same bus ride we had during our everlasting Knuckles trip in 2018. Smiles and loud conversations of these kids took us back to our childhoods and reminded us what a turnaround we had on our lives during these ten years’ time.

Lush greeneries and countryside sights encouraged my fantasies to grow inside me. Castle-ree reservoir, bungalows of Ceylon tea trails, Wimala Surendra power plant, were some highlighted places you can witness on this tour. This route is one of the reputed roads for most sacred Sripadaya, which hundreds of Pilgrimage vehicles travel on every weekend.

Getting-on to Villa

We spent almost three hours by bus and finally reached the most awaited escape of the year. The place is called Clovefield villa that we found through  It was the ideal destination we were looking for. Surrounded by a lush tea estate, on the backdrop of thick cloves plantation, mountain views were fascinated our souls at its best. It didn’t take much time to realize we found the perfect and the best place of the universe for this well planned yearly escape. In point, I can’t stop mesmerizing fantasies flowing inside me.

As usual, guys got into rooms and had a shower after the long journey. People who needed an outside bathing experience had to walk a little bit far away from the villa. But it was still fabulous, as they mentioned. We had a coffee and had a relaxed time beyond the backdrop of greenery hills. That evening was priceless, and everybody was so excited about the feeling they were experiencing.

Aberdeen falls

Our key sightseeing destinations were Laxapana and Aberdeen falls. There was a debate about whether it is possible to cover both waterfalls on one day. Boys decided to reap the best out of the trip they had and decided to include both waterfalls somehow within the day. It was around 10.00 am when we start the journey with a hired van from that area. Our first stop was Aberdeen falls, where we had to head towards Ginigathhena. From the car park itself, there was a difficult descend to get down to the beneath of the waterfall.

You have to pay the price for the most beautiful things in the world. (Don’t worry nobody was issuing tickets to get on to Aberdeen) this massive enchanting water stack instantly wiped away the extreme fatigue we were feeling right at the point. Boys had some pictures from the platform built alongside the waterfall. It was a spacious area and offered a spectacular view of the entire waterfall. You can have photographs keeping the waterfall as a backdrop.

After staying there for a while, we made it down to the water, where you can touch the drizzle of the waterfall. The sand beneath the water had turned the entire pool area into a sexy brownish tone. I walked so close to the falling point but managed to stay away from the dangerous area. Sand in the area was so soft, and there was a possibility of sinking. Go-pros, waterproof phones were so busy and showing their demand at this unique point by capturing the most exquisite moments. People had baths also, but we did not have an idea of that sort because we knew that day was just started for us.

I made all types of pictures I need to take and became the last one to leave from the site as usual.  Returning was far more challenging, but boys managed to make it while throwing some sarcastic critics on each other.

Laxapana falls

Our next destination was Laxapana falls. We need to take the complete opposite route to reach Laxapana. On our way, we found a 0 milepost, which was a scarce scene. The caretaker of the villa told me that it is the only 0-mile post in the country, but later I discovered through my Instagram story comments, that there were few more posts in Colombo as well.

Laxapana was the most awaited and exciting destination for all of us. We were inspired by a recent travel documentary and made it a key bucket list item in our travel plans. There were two separate access points to the waterfall starting point and beneath the waterfall. First, we decided to explore the waterfall starting point. It was a primarily spread plains of stone where the water flow of the river located towards the middle of it. Water flow was not that broad, but we were so careful about crossing itself because the area was very slippery. Here, you can have a comprehensive view of Seven-virgin hills, which is one of the top hiking fantasy of hiking lovers. Making to the top of it is too far away, so I only made a posing snap from the backdrop of it.

There was a point at the right side of the waterfall where you can have a clear view of the deadly steep and the giant water stack of this amazing natural creation. It was a small cape of stone aligned in parallel to the waterfall. You have to sit on the rock and move slowly to the point very carefully. My extreme desires and everlasting fantasies lie ahead of all the identified risks, and I managed to be there return alive. Watching the steep is deadly serious, and I refrain from doing that. But feeling the touch of those slight water drops has made taken me to the next level of sense where you should feel jealous of. I was over the moon and all the way is thinking about how the photos would have been.

Our next point was witnessing the waterfall, and we started the journey again by our van. The guy we hired was so friendly and flexible, and his rates were also reasonable. Once again, there was a thing to worry about when we get down from the point. We had to take a walk of around two Kilometers to reach the beneath of the waterfall. Guys were somehow motivated and finally made it to the point after 45 minutes of walk. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay there for a long time since a slight drizzle started to pour. We headed back without waiting much time there.

I managed to capture a few shots of the entire waterfall. Laxapana is a top-rated destination among Sri Lankan travel freaks. Unlike other waterfalls, most parts of the year, this place is filled with water. It is difficult to reach the pool due to the natural rock set up at the pool. You have to be careful while walking on these stones because they are too slippery. But you can collect some instagrammable moments keeping this giant heap of water as the backdrop of your photos.

On our way, we had a natural bath from a river and had our lunch. We returned to the villa with memories of a well-spent day. The evening was so relaxed with a warm coffee. Guys enjoyed Carrom, Checkers, and Chess games at its best. For a moment, we felt that we were witnessing WWE championship. Energy, morale, and crowd support was identically similar. Party started with the dinner, and unsurprisingly it dragged until 2 am of the next day.

After a well-spent unforgettable stay, we started our journey back. We planned to take a bus which was scheduled at 10.00 am. But the bus didn’t arrive, and we had to call our van guy again to drop us to Hatton. It affected our budgets, but we did not have any option. You should get ready for them when you plan escapes to hide-outs.

We managed to reserve tickets on the train to Colombo. That offered me the missed opportunity of going on the footboard. Our apartment was the first one of the train, and it had an access door to the guard room as well. My exploration mood activated, and I spent a few hours having a chat with the guard. Most importantly, the guard room offers the best scenes of the long blue color train, and I was lucky and happy that I captured many of them.

Ultimately, I could say that it is one of the best we had after a long time. Everything was perfect, and our team was fantastic. My life is awesome, with marvelous fantasies and the best people around me.



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