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Kandy Travel Guide

kandy dalada maligawa

Where does it locate

Kandy city is located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. The city carries a proud history of over centuries. Currently ,it is the second biggest city of Sri Lanka after Colombo and also it is the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. The name Kandy derives from the Sinhala term “Kanda” which means mountain in Sinhala. As the name implies city surrounds with hills, tea plantations, and ancient temples and many more natural and cultural highlights.

Things to do in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Visit the Sacred Temple of Tooth Relic

The sacred temple of the Tooth Relic is the most significant and signature destination in Kandy. This place is reputed in Sri Lanka as Dalada Maligawa. It was built within the royal palace complex which houses the relic of the tooth of Buddha, an object of respect for World Buddhists. It is kept inside Golden casket and rarely taken outside. The golden casket is inside a Golden shrine and devotees can only see this shrine and the casket. Other than the tooth relic, few museums and architectural highlights can be observed inside the premises.


The annual event of Sri Dalada Perahera is a key highlight event in this destination, which falls in August of every year.

The place is too crowded and better to visit there in early mornings.  Do not forget to wear covered suits during your visit to the temple.

Walk around Kandy Lake

The giant lake in the middle of this world heritage city, called Bogambara Wewa. You can walk around this lake and sit alongside on the bench nearby. The walk is more than 2 Kilometres but you would not feel tired or exhausted with the cool breeze coming through the lake. Further, you can have a breathtaking view of Dalada Maligawa and some unique backdrop for the snaps as well.

Visit Peradeniya Botanical Garden

This is called the Royal botanical garden, technically the biggest botanical garden in Sri Lanka. it is a place a nature lover or an environment enthusiast should not miss in his Sri Lankan tour. It will take more than 2 hours to explore the biodiversity and the elegant natural cravings inside the garden. So, manage the time with your other travel plans for the day.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Unlike other locations, Pinnawala is not located in the heart of Kandy. One who wishes to visit this place should take a bus or any other travel medium to reach there. You can witness hundreds of orphan elephants feeding and playing alongside the premises. Being there on feeding and bathing time will make your visit unforgettable with loads of pictures record on your cameras.

Kandyan Dance and Drum show

Sri Lanka is a country featured with diversified culture and traditions. The cultural show is one place you can see and feel the breathtaking pulse of Sri Lankan culture. Dance traditions and other cultural items which are endemic to the different zones and areas of Sri Lanka are displayed here. the place is close to the Dalada Maligawa. Art & culture favorites can Join with the show with a pre-booked ticket or buying a ticket from the entrance itself. Find out some cultural highlights in Sri Lanka by clicking here.

Roaming along Kandy City Center

Apart from all the nature, art and religious influences, Kandy has offered a shopping experience for you. Kandy City Centre which is also known as KCC is a top class shopping destination with the world’s top brands and boutique shops. You can buy your needs, dine in restaurants, participate for shopping promotion in rooftop or somewhere inside or just roam along with window shopping.

Visiting Bahirawa Kanda Vihara

At the moment you entered the city, you will see a giant Buddha statue on top of the mountain. This magnificent destination named as “Bahirawa Kanda Vihara”.   There is certain folklore on how this place gets the name of “Gnome mountain” or “Devil’s hill”. Buddhists still worship this place and travelers visit here to see the elegant panoramic view of the Kandy city.

Visitors can have a unique experience of climbing up to the statue with the stairs behind itself. It will offer a more spectacular view of the city with beautiful landscape. However, the best time to visit Bahirawa Kanda is at night when the entire statue is lit up and the city of Kandy sparkle with twinkling lights.

How to reach Kandy

By Bus

You have to take the bus from Kandy. Highly recommend getting an AC bus because they just take minimum hours to reach, unlike normal buses. However, the bus ride will get around three and a half hours from your precious time. You do not have much to see from the window, except for the Kadugannwa mountain range.

By Train

This is the best medium to reach Kandy. This is a part of one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. (To obtain the best of it, you have to take the ride to Badulla). Trains start from Colombo Fort and I recommend to reserve the seats in advance for your ride. Otherwise, you will not be able to grab the spirit of it with the busy local crowd. Indefinite paddy field views, mystery tunnels, mountains, massive cliffs alongside the railway line will add an extraordinary vibe to your travel soul. It will take nearly 3 hours on an express train. But you would not have a minute to worry on time since the eye-sight will entirely addict to the views outside.

By Taxi

The ride is around 120 Kilometres from commercial capital Colombo. You can halt on Kadugannawa viewpoint and take some awesome pics of the mountain range covered with clouds.  It would be better to contact an individual travel agent with a luxury vehicle since they do not charge much like travel agent companies.

Where to stay in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Amaya Hills is a perfect 4- Star resort in Kandy to select as your staying destination.

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