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Kalpitiya – the magical essence of Sri Lankan coastal romance

things to do in kalpitiya beach

Killing an impatient waiting of 3 months, the ultimate road trip began to a wonderful beach destination on the upper western part of Sri Lankan, Kalpitiya. The excitement overwhelmed the minds of all, since it was the first-ever road trip with our own vehicles. we heard about the breathtaking sunset and lagoon views of the idyllic destination and the goal was to cover up the entire set of sceneries with unstoppable fun and excitement.

The journey begins around 6 o’clock in the morning and the determined route was supposed to be through Colombo-Peliyagoda-Negombo-Chilaw- Madurankuli – Palawiya junction – Norochcholei and Kalpitiya. From Palawiya onwards the drive was through the Puttalam lagoon. You cannot keep your cameras inside with amazing lagoon and saltern views on both sides of the road. The giant windmills of power generating added an extream glamour to the skyline.

Boat Tour

The first stop was the Navy camp of Kalpitiya. We had a fantastic boat tour in a passenger boat around the lagoon. It was a nice and exciting feeling when we get to know that we were floating inside the most highlighted part of the Sri Lankan map. Kalpitiya, Puttalam and Wilpattu and other tiny islands were visible around the lagoon. The Navy officers were so friendly and they allowed us to drive the boat and let us take pictures with driving gears. The only drawback was that I had to wear life jackets, which was a real pain for the whole trip.

Dutch Fort

After the boat trip, we visited to see the epic and glorious Dutch Fort of Kalpitiya. It was initially built by Portuguese, who conquered the several parts of the nation for some period in history. After the arrival of Dutch, they captured this place and converted it to a Fortress. The interesting part of the story is, they did not let the Sri Lankan king and the public to know that it is a Fortress. They have implemented some strategic architectural utilities to survive themselves and defeat the enemies who intended to attack the premises. The place reminded us of the set location of “Kings Landing” which was found in Game of Thrones. Surprisingly Dutch was smart than Lanisters even in this reality.

Street Shopping

After visiting this much of place and enjoying hours we thought that not buying some fresh fish from this most reputed fishery village on the island would be a real shame. Hence allowed our desires to overcome and buy some fish. Finding the fish market was little bit hard since it was located a little bit far away from the town. The expectations were not achieved since there was only a limited number of shops open by the time and even so there was no much of a choice as we desired. Prices were also not much differing from capital markets we daily engage. But we bought some fresh fish and had a friendly chat with sellers for a while too.

The stay

The initial plan was to camping on the beach. But the team hesitated a bit with the adverse weather conditions and predictions. So, we chose to stay in a boutique resort at the beach of Kalpitiya with the name of Werala Beach Resort.

The place was nice and calm and the owner was so friendly too. Never the less the rooms were cozy and comfortable too. It had a nice sea and lagoon view but you cannot access the beach in minutes because you have to walk through the lagoon area to reach the sea. It was around a 20-minute walk but you will never get tired of this walk with the impressive sea, lagoon views and natural landscapes of the land. The most wonderful feeling is you can witness the sunset in the evening, standing right middle of the land surface between sea and lagoon. Moreover, you can stand right middle of the place where lagoon and sea combines. The water is shallow in this area and nothing to fear or worry about drowning or unexpected surprises.

Kalkuda Beach

Night was superb with unlimited music and bbq. The morning was incredible with the view you have right at the moment you open the room door. The sea was so calm and a slight drizzle was there to clean up the souls and refresh. After having a bed tea on an armchair with looking at faraway horizons, the team was out to the beach to have some photography sessions. Apparently it is a signature segment in all our tours. Morning sunlight was too tough to bear, so luckily we were with shades and hats. Some suns cream could have been even better. But it could not disturb or reduce any picture posings and dramas of the gang.

At noon we played a Cricket game on the sands under the burning sun. After the tiring sessions of playing, the only choice is to have a bath and we did it with style. The beach was quite amazing with white sands blue color water. And you can walk miles away on the beach with overlooking the stunning views and feeling the cool breeze of the ocean. If you are a beach lover, Kalpitiya is somewhere you should prioritize on oncoming travel plans.

Things we missed

For the travelers, the best experience of here would be a beach camping. You can maximize it if you can spend a night at the famous island Battalangunduwa, which is located a few miles away from the land. It was around 0ne and a half-hour boat trip with quite expensive boat charges. And the most famous activity of Kalpitiya is Whale watching. This is the only destination in the world where you can witness the highest number of whales and Dolphins. There are tour planners who organize whale watching boat rides that you can contact.

Finally, it was a remarkable journey with loads of beautiful memories. That epic and breathtaking views and moments cherished the souls for a while and let us feel the simple joys of life in its peaks. Thank you Kalpitiya. But I will be there so soon again…

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