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Foodie Zone

Cherish your Berry dreams at Simply Strawberries

Temptation or a Dream?

I may call it a temptation, either or a dream, or else I can name it as an undying fantasy. Or maybe madness. She had only one intention to be fulfilled. She lived in only one dream. Do you believe what it was all about? The chilling red color taste dream of every foodie; Strawberry

I was a little bit late to reach the destination but it didn’t matter at all since the Cotton Collection is right next to the Jagro. She deliberately ran into the store and had some window shopping session inside. After the arrival of myself, we seated at a  table near the front. At the time there was not any rush there around but there may be a kind of space issue on busy weekends. So it is much better to show up at your earliest.

Speaker had done her homework so early so we did not waste any second to check and select the menu items. Straight away waffles are ordered. We paid to the counter and picked up the meal when the arrangements were done. It took about 10 minutes to arrive the foods to the table

What did we buy?

Waffles taste better than ever when it combines with delicious strawberries, Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla flavored ice cream. It cost Rs 550.00 each and we paid Rs 1100.00 for both. Most importantly the Waffle was oven-fresh and the warm.

Not only with Strawberries, but also with sweet chit chats, we spent around 45 minutes in the premises and returned. We determined to come again and taste all the variations Jagro has. Since she is an extremist in Strawberries, I may not have an opportunity to survive with that obsession. So I can guarantee that you will be able to read and taste some more Strawberry stories in near future.

Except for Waffles, Jagro is ready to serve you Sandwiches, Swiss rolls, strawberry cheesecakes, Sundae and Strawberry juice, strawberry milkshake, smoothies as beverages. Talking about the environment, The place is quite cool with a peaceful background. Seats and tables are made with simple concrete blocks with four seats to each table.

Hi new babies, it is time for you to have a romantic strawberry getaway at Jagro. The experience will be awesome with reasonable costs and plenty of Strawberries.

So, bye until next time and Keep your instincts open for a lot more Strawberry dreams…

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