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Galle – Travel Guide

Galle Fort Fanstay - Travel blogger Charith Gunarathna's visit to Galle Fort

Galle is the crown jewel coastal city of the Southern province which wield the legacy of tourism for almost two decades. The district is one of three major districts in the Southern province. It is the southern boundary of the western province. This is the city that everyone must visit who come to feel and enjoy the beauty of Sri Lanka. People here are also very friendly and wield the reputation of ultimate hospitality that Sri Lankans are world famous for. Wandering around this amazing city and making your Galle travel experience a lifetime memory, has become a bucket list item in worldwide travel diaries.

Where it is located?

This amazing coastal paradise is located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. It is on Colombo-Kataragama road between the districts of Kaluthara & Matara, 126km far from the Commercial capital of Sri Lanka which is Colombo.

Unlike any other city, the places worthy of traveling do not limit inside to the city. It has dispersed all over the Galle district and little bit beyond of it as well. If your travel path is laid from Colombo to Galle, we would like to suggest you make a stop at Madu Ganga in Balapitiya and enjoy the world famous Madu ganaga boat tour. We promise you that it’s not only aesthetically important but also ecologically and biologically important too. The birds and other species that you will see in the mangroves ecosystem of Madu Ganga wetland will be in no other place ever. If you would like, you can have foot cleansing massage fish therapy naturally from here.


If you are really a beach lover then your next stop should be definitely the Hikkaduwa. Finding a great golden sandy beach under the warm sun is not a hard thing here. So does finding a decent hotel to crash in for a reasonable price that you are willing to pay too. A boat tour to see the Coral reefs in Coral garden will refresh you. But still, if you think that it’s not enough you can even find a scuba diving gear who rent them out here and have a real-time experience around there too, just if you have the license and you are in the season. Whale & Dolphin watching is also another option you have in the menu in Hikkaduwa. If you are still missing the weekend parties you crash in at your home place, finding a weekend night beach party is not a hard thing here either.

Galle Fort

Speaking of the city, the world famous Galle Fort is the crown of the city history. Once after Portuguese founded the city in the 16th century the legendary stone wall facing the sea was built. Later it was expanded by Dutch during their colonial presence. The architecture of the wall that’s encircling the old city of Galle exhibits the prime characteristics of Portuguese, Dutch and British influences. The 18th century Dutch Reformed Church is beautiful and creates a magical scenery over the edge when combined with setting sun over the horizon.

If you plan to stay sometime in the city the best thing to do is get lost in the city. Just walk randomly in streets and sip coffee or wine in street restaurants. Just have a look around the people and lifestyles of them. It will give you a perfect image of Sri Lankan living style. If you are lucky enough on the time you chose to visit Sri Lanka, you might even be able to enjoy an International Cricket match in Galle international cricket ground. Read more about Galle Fort here.

Rain Forests

The next place you wish to visit depending on your desires. If you wish to experience the beaches more and more Unawatuna is another coastal paradise you would love. Wet humid rainforest sensation can be experienced by traveling through Udugama road via Kottawa and Nakiyadeniya. It leads to the Kanneliya Rain Forest as well. It is pretty similar to the ecology and biodiversity of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Sinharaja. Anagimala waterfall is the mischievous lass who cleanses through the forest. And it’s a great resting place for the tired travelers who walk through the forest. You can even enjoy a free ice bucket challenge if you are willing to have a dip in the water below the stream at the entrance to the park.

You can have a hike to Rumassala if you are enthusiastic of hiking and trekking. According to folklore, it is a part of the Himalaya Mountains region. You can even have a bath in the Jungle Beach here.

If you ever get to Koggala you can experience being isolated from the stressful running world by traveling to Madol duwa; a wonderful island in Koggala lake. Who knew that you can be the Robinson Crusoe for a couple of hours? But here you can be.

How to reach Galle?

Here comes the most important question. How to get there? If you are a traveler who comes from Colombo and chooses the Railway line to get here, simply buy a ticket to Galle from Colombo Fort. Some of these trains even stop at Balapitiya and Hikkaduwa. Once you get down from Galle rest of the journey will not be difficult. Since the train and bus stations locate in the heart of the city, all the interesting locations are easily accessible.

If your traveling option is the bus you can get a Highway bus from Kotuwa or Maharagama to Galle. It will only get an hour and a half to get there. If you chose the Colombo Kataragama coastal road, still there are plenty of Buses from Colombo to Galle, Matara or Karatagama. But it will take a minimum of three hours to get there.

But if your choice of traveling is a taxi or a personal rented car the best transportation medium will be the Southern Expressway.

If you plan to travel Galle and stay in the city for quite some time, you can visit Sunset Fort Galle to have a stay just like home.


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