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The mesmerizing spell binder of eternal romance ; Galle Fort

Galle Fort Fanstay - Travel blogger Charith Gunarathna's visit to Galle Fort

Peeping on to the bucket-lists and travel dreams of local and international travelers, Galle has become a key destination in Sri Lanka, for decades.

Hanging around the streets with colonial ambiance is an obsession that travel lovers are passionate with. It’s been a while that I have been planning to dig into the fantasies in this epic location. Finally, I and my colleague Thisara planned an extraordinary tour to experience this prominent destination.

How formidable riding a bike close to 100kms through the spectacular coastal line of Sri Lanka. Initially, we had some doubts when thinking about Cost of fuel, exposing to thick sunrise, toughness, and exhaustion of the ride. Beating all the ideological uncertainties, we decided to have the experience with my Yamaha Ray ZR buddy.

We kept a Sunday free from our busy schedules and prepared the necessary arrangements in advance. The journey started around 7 a.m from Wadduwa. During the trip, we had nice times of loitering and photography around Kalido beach, AVANI Kalutara Resort, Beruwala harbor and Turtle reservation project at Induruwa. After everything, the trip reached the epic historical destination, Galle.

Riding through the busy town bypassing southern lifestyles and modern buildings, Galle fort welcomed us with style. Since it was lunch time, we hunted for a place with sea view to enjoy the lunch. Unfortunately, all the best sea view restaurants in the Galle fort were full, since all the expats found their space to enjoy their lunch by the sea. So, with that hard luck, we returned to the town, had our lunch and headed back to the fort.

Getting On

Getting on to Galle is convenient with the Southern Expressway. For locals, it is a 2-hour journey from commercial capital Colombo. For tourists, it is a 3 hour drive from Katunayaka Airport. After getting off from Galle town, 15 minute walk will get you back to this breathtaking destination. Otherwise you can try out the train ride with some value added experience of indulging with enchanting Sri Lankan coastal beauties. If you are taking a personal vehicle, parking will not be an issue at all.


Galle bears a history of 6 centuries. In  1505 Porutugese made their initial landing to Galle. Later in the 16th century Dutch came and captured the Fort. There was a nice folk’s story on the capturing of the land of Galle fort. The king never agreed to accommodate Dutch people in his kingdom. The leader of the Dutch ship crew was bit strategic and he asked the king for a small space to keep their belongings.  King replied saying that he would give permission to have a space that is amount to the measurement of a bull’s skin to manage their work. . The Dutch leader tore off a skin of a bull into small threads and assembled those threads into one line. The area which is covered by the Fort is exactly the length of the Dutch leader’s strategic bull thread line.

The giant clock tower which symbolizes the identity of Galle is located nearby.  You can have a clear view of Galle town once you get onto the ramparts of itself. There are few ruins of a prison in Dutch era. The surface on the ramparts is too broad and it is a well-known paradise for Sri Lankan young couples.

Our walk started from the tiny tunnel inside the giant wall. There was a museum with historical souvenirs that I was not much interested. Since I am not a history-holic I easily skipped the museum part and started roaming through the streets of the Fort.

Once you mingled with the Galle fort, it will embrace you with a historical essence of ancient Dutch era. Magnificent Churches, buildings, Old Dutch hospital and giant ramparts blended with local and Dutch architectural highlights create a spectacular fantasy for the people who enter this splendid location.

Romance at Galle

I must say, if you step in there with your love, you are the luckiest people in this world undoubtedly. Roaming alongside the historical monuments, having a coffee at a restaurant by the road, wandering on the surface of giant ramparts, looking at the enchanting sunset sitting down the grassy surface of the wall; will make an everlasting moment in your travel diaries that will never fade out. When you reserve a table alongside the verandah of a local restaurant, you might have plenty to talk about things around you. Ceylon tea or a branded coffee will taste your peaceful minds with a heavenly feeling which you will not retrieve from anywhere on this earth.

Promises, hopes and wishes make every love story beautiful. When a bond is absorbed to the soul, you need a wish or promise to celebrate the love in a glorious way. Surprise your soul-mate by visiting Galle Fort together. This spellbinder destination will steal few hours from your life and keep somewhere safe in your memories.

And make a wish of coming here after 10 years or more, maybe to celebrate your anniversary by having a coffee at same place, recalling best memories you had; and you may be surprised to see nothing has changed in the atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shop owners and guides may try to offer you a motorbike to roam around the streets. But I recommend you to have a walk through this historical destination and dive into the amazing fantasy that I couldn’t turn into words.

Family Day Outs and Friends Outings

If you hang out with your best buddies or family, this amazing place makes your trip fun and vibrant. The unique activities and experiences around the destination have got plenty of things to engage. Most of the Sri Lankan families arrive here to spend the evening and refresh their souls with a cherished sea breeze. Never miss photos from the backdrop of the large lighthouse and naturally made sea view platform of the Fort. Galle Travel Guide article will give you detailed descriptions of excursions around the city.

The best part is for individuals. Grab a camera and take a walk through this fascinating streets. Beautiful girls hanging out there, passing tourists from all around the world, inspiring architecture, scrumptious foods, souvenir shops, and boutique hotels will make your moment priceless. You can feel anything and everything without any barriers. But in the end of the day, you will feel that how it would be nice to be with a girlfriend in this wonderful place.

I had a few photography sessions and decided to return back. This amazing destination delivers me a bunch of memories to cherish inside my heart. Blended with enormous architecture, gigantic history, Blue Ocean and diverse of lifestyles create a perfect fantasy to escape and experience.

Galle is not a daydream or an imagination you have to worry from wherever you reside. It is a must feel experience that every beautiful soul should have once in a lifetime.

During the good times at Fort, you might hear mysterious whisperings coming through nowhere of the atmosphere. Just believe the fact that I heard them. Galle is hiding secrets from you and me. To find it, I have to be here once again, Not alone, with someone special.

Maybe you too….

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