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Ella Travel Guide – Fantasies in Ella

Ella Travel Guiide - Demodara Bridge

Ella is a bucketlist destination for the travelers around the globe. This natural masterpiece caters a remarkable memory in your travel diaries. While drowning in fantasies, just have a look on Ella travel guide before step into this paradise.

Ella Rock

Ella is a paradise for mountain and hiking freaks. Among the number of mountains the destination featured with, ella rock play a major role with the spectacular Views and unmatched hiking experience. If you get off from Kithalella station, you can reach the starting point within few minutes. Otherwise, you can have a small rail hike from Ella station and reach the point. Path inside the forest is clear. You will hardly get lost.

Views on the summit are truly unbelievable. You will be inspired with beautiful countryside views and floating clouds in the will feel, how close you are to the sky.

Mini Adams Peak

Mini Adams Peak is another popular instagramable destination in Ella. Reaching the destination is bit of a concern because you have to hire a taxi or either walk. Roads are also not in good condition so I recommend having a walk by exploring the lifestyle fantasies here.

The hike is way too easy. You will find a staircase until half of the journey. The beauty is, there are 4 summits in the end of the passage. You can be in the summit, and walk through the spine of the mountain to the other summit.

Simillar to the Ella rock you will find breathtaking views on every summit. Most interestingly,you can witness the ella wellawaya road which lie through the edge of the mountain on the opposite side. Try to capture a view of a moving red color bus in your cameras. It will be an unique souvenir in your Sri Lankan trip.

Ravana Ella

Ravana Ella located around 6 kilometers away from Ella railway station. Ella – Wellawaya bus will easily take you to this picturesque location. Nice view of the waterfall can be captured from the bridge which is right in front of the waterfall. Either you can climb few rocks up and walk in to the waterfall and have some sparkling water drops in your body. After everything, have a good time in water with swimming and splashing. Folk stories said that Ravana, the ancient emperor in Sri Lanka had taken Indian princess, Seetha and had hidden inside Ravana caves. Ravana cave is located behind the waterfall. Folks stories said that Seetha had bathed from this waterfall as well.

Demodara Bridge / Nine Arch Bridge

Same location is refrred as Nine Arch bridge. Nine Arch bridge is the most significant highlight of the Ella train tour.if you are a passenger in the train, you can have a magnificent view of the bridge once the train travel on it. If you are a spectator from a viewpoint around the bridge once again you are the witnessing one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world.

The bridge locates right between Ella and Demodara stations. You can have a walk through the jungle and reach the location without any trouble. It is a 20 minute walk inside the forest. Or else you can easily hire a tuk-tuk and get down close to the viewpoint. Try to be there when a train arrive. Keep your cameras ready from the moment the train peeps out from the giant tunnel. The view will not exists for more than 2 minutes. So, dig in the fantasy at your maximum while making everlasting memories in photos.

Except watching the train sneaking on the bridge, you can go to the right under the bridge to have a closer look on how this marvel has built on. It is entirely made with bricks, Cement and stones. Reason for the above fact is, during the World War times, steel which had brought to construct this bridge had taken over for military purposes. So a Sri Lankan engineer mage the initiation and built the bridge entirely with bricks and Cement.

In Sinhala the bridge also called “Ahas Namaye Palama”. In English, it is, nine sky bridge. When you stand beneath the bridge you can clearly witness the sky through 9 arches.

Always be safe when you walk along the railway line. And do not dump litter or anything around the area.

Ella travel guide – How to get there?


I would say this is one of the key highlights you should not miss on your Sri Lanka tour. For local travelers, if you still not get this experience, schedule your next escape to this awesome tour. Colombo-Ella is renowned as one of the best train journeys in the world. Train departure times from Colombo are 5.55 am, 8.30 am and 9.45 am. It is recommended to book tickets in advance because apartments get crowded on all days in the week.


Take Badulla bus from Colombo and get down from Bandarawela. Then take Ella bus again from Bandarawela and reach this stunning city. Vibes of the phenomenal fantasy will be waiting for you to embrace.

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