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Foodie Zone

Break your Coffee Passion with a Tea Marvel

It was not a perfect evening to have tea or coffee because it was a Monday. But the intentions and the temptations influenced us to grab a  meal from wherever it can be. So we searched on a few food-related sites for menus and suddenly the search stopped at a place called T lounge. Since the name of itself is t lounge, I feel much easier to introduce this amazing place for you. It is named as Dilmah T lounge and located in the most peaceful architectural wonder in the capital, Arcade Independence square.

It was a bit difficult in the first place to find the exact location of the T lounge among the number of boutiques inside Arcade.but after having a slight roaming with sweet chit chats, we suddenly halted at the place.

The Ambience

Entering the premises; the entire arena carries a bit antique look. The furniture, interior arrangements and the appearance of the staff as well. It certainly fills the place with a kind of glamour and our minds as well.  Premises is filled with posters and banners which depict the Sri Lankan tea culture. A piece of music was played in the background and it was quite disturbing to our gossip sharing and discussions.

The Food

Their menu is quite interesting. It has a number of variations to be tested. We have ordered 2 natural vanilla iced teas (which costs Rs.360 for a single one) and a Cheesecake (Rs. 420) with a Thai Chicken Sub (Rs. 480).

It does not take much time to receive the ordered food. The staff is so friendly and they have made the seating arrangements according to our request as well. Talking about the foods, Iced tea is way too awesome. Since I am not a fan of Vanilla flavor, I was not much interested in the drink we have ordered. And I expect some white-colored tea glass as the drink named as Vanilla. When we taste the first drop of the orange-colored tea, it cherished our taste senses in a spectacular way.

Thai Chicken Sub is something similar to a pizza. The meal included chicken, sliced onions, and a chili Jam. The Cheesecake is something extra special. It is featured with several ingredients. I am pretty sure White Chocolate and Strawberry was there. Most importantly some biscuit flavored crumble is also there. The cheesecake was a shared resource and everyone enjoyed it after the pizzas and Iced teas. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish the Cheesecake because Wine flavor started to make impacts on us. So we spared the last layer and decided to return back.


It was a nice dining experience on a busy evening. The food was really impressive. You can try different variations and flavors of Sri Lankan Tea. They have added the flavors of tea into a range of beverages; like Waffles, Pizzas and dessert items. Prices are affordable and you can choose any type of meal according to the budget. So, have a tea-inspired eve with your loved ones at Dilmah T Lounge, Good luck.

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