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Let’s get alone in deserted isolation : Brief Gardens

Brief Garden Bevis Bawa

If I ask you a question on the things that cannot be bought for money in your life. I don’t believe that you would come up with more answers. Time, happiness, health. Lots of things like this. Can you reserve a space in that list, for the sense of freedom?

Loneliness, abandoned feeling, silence, calmness are some mentalities we chase in our life. Who doesn’t like to get alone in a deserted environment, forgetting all the complex lifestyles we had? Our walk is to a place like that.

How to get there?

We will be able to see this eye-catching location after traveling a 16.00 rupes distant in the Aluthgama-Mathugama bus route from Aluthgama and walking distance of 3km along getting off from Kalawila junction.”Brief Garden” by Bevis Bawa

Brief garden attracts a remarkable crowd of tourists because of its creator.”Jefforey Bawa”, People believed that he built this elegant masterpiece. But actually Brief Garden is a creation of Jefforey Bawa’s brother who was named Bewis Bawa. Even though the architect is changed, the creativity of this botanical masterpiece is not reduced in any case. Bewis Bawa had blended the magical beauty of nature with the art of architecture and contributed this great creation to the world.

The footpath that had been found on the entrance of the garden laid through an artificially created arched bunch of trees. We do not find anything special in that sector, except for the water pond and some staircases.

There aureole “සඳකඩ පහන”/”Sandakada Pahana (Moonstone)” leads to a well-maintained greenery flat coat. When stepping forward through the grassy floor Bewis Bawa’s bungalow can be found in front of us. Eventhough we had thought it was a large scale bungalow with 2-3 floors and much more, the idea got completely devastated. Bewis Bawa was capable of emerging the calmness and silence of the environment in his architectural creation. The pond beyond the bungalow is much more special.


The statues in the garden are a bit controversial. It was told that Jefforey Bawa is a person who is fond of getting on with guys. He had brought this uncommon lifestyle into his statues as well.

Following his own brother, Bewis Bawa also had created some amazing statues, which depict the same features. You should feel the creativity and beauty of this wonderful masterpiece, without criticizing the human qualities of them. Those statues prove us, how wonderful it is, when someone’s life compassions turning into remarkable creations.

The history provides examples of people who distracted to this beauty. Once an Australian tourist called Donald Friend had arrived to spend just 4 days but finally he spent 6 years here and left to his motherland.

If you travel Galle, Benthota, Madu Ganga, Kande Wiharaya, don’t forget to add the Brief garden Bevis Bava into your list. The brief garden ticket prices are Rs. 300 for the garden visit. If you expect to witness the bungalow as well, the ticket price is Rs 1000. You can take a tuk-tuk from Kalawila junction just for Rs 150.


However each and every minute and second we spent on this land, brought the immeasurable cool and calm experience to the souls of ours. That superb architectural masterpiece and the nature around itself relieved our minds with silence. Do add this elegant masterpiece,Brief Garden Bevis Bawa to your bucket lists and travel maps.

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