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Let peace isolate the life in a haven – Anantara Peace Heaven Tangalle

Tangalle Hotels - Anantara Peace Haven

After a few one-day explorations, lunch outs, and high teas, the senses have been asking for a unique lifestyle adventure. The soul needs some quietness and relaxation so the selection was down south.

Anantara Tangalle – The best-kept secret of Downsouth, Sri Lanka

Locating between Sri Lankan spectacular traveling hotspot Ella and the historical architectural masterpiece of Galle, this fancy hidden gem lied with silence for such big time. The local attracted excursions like Hummanaya, Ussangoda and Wawurukannala and Tangalle harbor are unsung destinations of international travel diaries.

Proceeding from Colombo to Matara through highway or by train, and then heading via Weeraketiya and Walgama, you will find this elegant city which is named as Tangalle. the simple lifestyles of the people around the area added some extra excursions for our tour.  Green color rice cultivating paddy fields, crowded towns, Tangalle harbor, and so many other local cultural and lifestyle delights out of the window has made me magnetized to the outside.

However, blending the coastal temptations of travelers with mesmerizing luxurious comforts, Anantara Tangalle has added some colors to this hidden traveling destination. I always knew that the globally renowned brand “Anantara” has something special to be served upon anyone step into their locations. So it’s time to explore and share the fairy tales, fantasies, realities and everything about this wonderful destination.

Here the story begins.

Authentic welcome from Anantara

locating a few kilometers before the Tangalle town, this five-star luxury property is found right in the suburb called Goyambokka. The welcome was unique with multicultural ethnic fancy styles. Right after taking off from the vehicle, the welcome guru is there to welcome us with a nice smile and typical Sri Lankan Greeting “Ayubowan”. Then you will hear the Sri Lankan traditional drum rhythms which are endemic to the Sinhala – Hindu new year season. You will see three ladies singing folk music with playing enchanting rhythms dressing in traditional Sri Lankan attire.  This creative symbolic cultural feature has undoubtedly offered a unique experience for all of us and we were busy with capturing those moments in our cameras.

authentic welcome at Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle

After getting refreshed with my favorite cold scented towels and delicious fruit juice, we went through the most common procedure of checking in and receiving room keys. The reception area provides a stunning overlooking sight of the sea and horizon amidst of coconut trees.

The architecture of the resort contains the aspects and tendencies of the 18-19th century Sri Lanka. The courtyard feature is highlighted in most of the places.

The Rooms

Anantara Peace heaven consists of 152 rooms with pool villas. most of the rooms positioned on facing the stunning Indian Ocean and pristine sandy beach. The entire set up and architecture of the room comprehensively explain the terms cozy and spacious. Once we switch on the TV, there was a theme video on Anantara chain resorts. That heart-touching music and the impressive scenarios make me vibrant and enamored. It continuously repeating on the TV and I couldn’t take my eyes off from it. It influenced me to travel around the world, not just to see things, but to experience Anantara. The balcony view is exceptional if you are lucky enough to have an upper stairs room. Never worry the lush greenery grassy carpet on the footstep of ground-level rooms will feel you much more comfort and enthusiastic.

Anantara Peace Heaven Tangalle Room view Anantara Peace Heaven Tangalle Room view Tangalle hotels


From the moment you step out of the room, this fabulous resort caters you plenty of activities. We tried most common activities like Tennis, Billiard, Table Tennis, Badminton and had some Rugby times on the grassy surface too. Anantara Spa is a kind of unique and remarkable experience to visitors. The unique architectural design of the SPA makes a wake-up call for the souls which awaits for a cherished refresh. In this tour, it was just a dream to myself. But without having a second thought, I added the dream into the bucket list.  So I will be there in the future and wait to hear some fabulous stories on Anantara Spa.

The library of the resort is somewhere you should step in even though you are not a reader or a fan of books. The perfect setup of this library will constrain you not only to take a book or travel magazine but also lie in cozy wooden weaved chairs and spend some time with it. The entire arena carries a majesty look polished with history. Someone might argue that the iMacs and laptops on the other side have damaged the concept. But altogether, this magnificent library will definitely steal a few minutes from your life.

The pool is not that big from size. It is just a normal scale pool articulate as two layers. The upper layer consists of qualities of an infinity pool, but probably not a perfect example. In the evening, you can have a breathtaking sunset view from the beach.



Anantara Tangalle is the best place to have an extraordinary dining experience in its diversified restaurants. All the restaurants got eye-catching brand names like Journeys, II Mare, Poolside bar, Lobby lounge, Verele, and El Vino. The II Mare was a quite wonderful dining experience with a spectacular view of the sea and skyline. Seafood varieties play a major role in most of the dishes at Anantara Tangalle. The breakfast and lunch at Journeys had delighted our tastes into its’ heights and made our stay in a restaurant for hours. The mix of Asian and Western culinary recipes will enforce you to make your plates full and filled.

 Tangalle Hotels Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Restaurant

 Hotels in Tangalle Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Restaurant








Anantara experience

The ancient Sanskrit term, “Anantara” implies the meaning of never-ending. The limitless joys and precious moments in Anantara desired me to be here once or even more. This everlasting fascinating experience cherishes my life at its best and refreshes the soul. If you are a traveler from somewhere around the world or a local visitor who explores the best of the things, Anantara Tangalle has something unrivaled to offer you at its best.


Tangalle Hotel Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Pool View Anantara Tangalle Resort Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Luxury Resort Stay Sri Lanka‎


For a moment from life, this magical set up makes me feel that I’m not somewhere around the dry down south zone in Sri Lanka. Everything here takes me on to a phenomenal fantasy that enriches with relaxation, freedom, serenity, tranquility, and something I couldn’t turn out into words.

that fantasy is somewhere everyone is dreaming of; Haven.

That feeling is something everyone obsesses to feel; Peace.

The unique and singular form of a getaway to have everything;

Anantara Peace Haven Resort Tangalle.

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